Volunteers, including healthy women, wanted for study into eating concerns and compulsivity

We are looking for women aged between 18 and 45 years, who do not have any current health or psychiatric problems, to participate in a psychological study. There are three groups we want to recruit: healthy people who have recovered from anorexia nervosa for at least a year; those who think a lot about their eating, weight and shape; and a healthy control group.

We will be asking you to complete some questionnaires and two computer tasks, which measure behaviour thought to be related to compulsivity. Compulsivity is repetitively performing actions which aren’t rewarding or good for you. We will also non-invasively measure your pupils during one of the tasks.

If you are interested in participating in this study we’d like to hear from you! Feel free to ask questions – showing interest doesn’t commit you to anything!


You will be compensated for your time if you decide to take part.

Date required

End date: 31/07/2018


Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford


Email alexandra.pike@psych.ox.ac.uk or call 01865 618318 for more information.