Volunteer Ambassadors wanted for The Waiting Room Project

We aim to inform people in clinical waiting rooms about medical research, specifically biobanking. Using iPads we’ll provide people with information about biobanking policies and survey them in order to increase awareness and the potential for future participation. We need Ambassadors to help introduce people in waiting rooms to the website. Ambassadors will demonstrate how to explore the content and participate in surveys, ensuring that people are able to access the site independently on their own devices once they have left the waiting room.

No formal qualifications are required to be an Ambassador other than having an interest in health research and a basic understanding of how to navigate the internet and a website using a computer tablet. You should also be able to contribute to the conversation relating to the development of this project from the perspective of the public. Ambassadors will have an opportunity to support members of the public in participating in the project.


We have funding to reimburse travel expenses (only).

Date required

From mid/end August for three months until mid/end November. Ambassadors can commit to as many or as few sessions (half days or evenings, Mon-Thurs) as they feel able.


HeLEX, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford


Dr Teresa Finlay
Project Manager

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