Sufferers of depression and healthy volunteers needed for a study investigating inflammation

• Are you aged 25 to 50?
• Are you generally healthy and able to give blood?
• We are looking for people who have depression, and also people who do not have depression as a comparison group.

There is growing evidence that inflammation is often associated with and can cause depression. We would like to look at the effect that inflammation in the body may have on depression. We will look to see how people differ on tests and scans to understand more about the causes and effects of inflammation and depression.

The study involves completing questionnaires, giving a blood sample and collecting saliva samples at home. You would be paid £100 for participating.

You may also be invited to return for further tests, including a magnetic resonance scan (MRI), and two optional procedures – a positron emission tomography scan (PET) and a lumbar puncture (also known as a spinal tap). You would be paid £125 to £325 for this part of the study, depending on which tests you volunteer for. You will be reimbursed for your travel expenses.


Patients are paid up to £425 for participating in the study, depending on which tests they volunteer for. All travel expenses are reimbursed.

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Recruitment on-going


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