Input needed on the design of smartphone ‘apps’ targeting memory and thinking

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The development of effective treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease may depend on our ability to detect individuals in the very earliest stages of the disease. Smartphones provide a unique opportunity for advancing early detection, allowing frequent assessment without the burden of visiting a clinician. We have developed a smartphone application to test different aspects of people’s thinking (memory, attentional control and language). This application has been developed by the University of Oxford in collaboration with companies aiming to develop new treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease (Roche Ltd. & Eli Lilly & Company Ltd). The developed application will not be owned by either us, Roche or Eli Lilly, but instead will be open to other researchers to work with.

Here, we are searching for volunteers to try out examples of our cognitive tasks and feedback on the research design.

We are seeking volunteers who have recently visited a memory clinician and have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment. In addition, individuals with subjective concerns about elements of their thinking/memory but no clinical diagnosis are also invited to feedback on our newly designed smartphone applications.

Volunteers will be invited to join us at the Big Data Institute, Oxford University for a short session in which you can download the application and play our cognitive tasks. We are specifically looking for feedback on user-experience and the suitability of the tasks for answering the research questions. This feedback will be used to improve study design prior to including the smartphone application in Alzheimer’s disease targeted clinical trials.


Reasonable travel expenses to the Big Data Institute, Old Road Campus, Oxford University.


Big Data Institute, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford


Claire Lancaster