Seeking patients with a new diagnosis of skin lymphoma for an observational study: PROCLIPI

Have you recently been diagnosed with skin T-cell lymphoma – specifically mycosis fungoides or sezary syndrome? We are participating in an international study that is collecting data on all patients who are newly diagnosed with skin lymphoma. We don’t know why but in some patients (about 1 in every 5 patients) skin lymphoma progresses rapidly. The purpose of the PROCLIPI (Multicentre Observational Study For The Identification Of Prognostic Factors In Patients With Mycosis Fungoides/Sézary Syndrome ) study is to find out the important features which may predict which patients have a slow course and which progress quickly. This will allow us to develop a prognostic index. This will help determine which patients are at risk of disease progression and determine how we manage patients in the future.

We are collecting data on patients including information on skin involvement, stage of disease, blood tests, biopsy tests, treatment and quality of life. We may perform future research on blood and skin samples but no additional tests are needed. All information will be stored on secure hospital IT systems and will include your date of birth but without your name nor address. Because this is a rare disease we are collecting information at international centres to make sure we have enough patient information to answer these questions.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us for more details.

Date required

We are recruiting until July 2021.


Dermatology Department, Churchill Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Rubeta Matin – Principal Investigator (Tel: 01865 228264)
or Tracey Soanes – Research Nurse (, Tel: 01865 227217)

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