Help us improve how research interacts with electronic health records

We are looking for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust service users to join our focus group!

About the research:
The anonymous use of health records for mental health research has the potential to lead to great breakthroughs to improve the lives of patients.

A key step in making this data available for research is the ‘de-identification’ of information in health records, to make the data anonymous and protect the privacy of patients.

We are a team of researchers at Oxford University developing a study to assess how well the de-identification of electronic health records is done currently.

This research will, ultimately, help ensure the protection of the privacy for patients in Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

About the focus group:
We would like to hold a focus group with Oxford Health service users to share more details about our proposed research, and to hear your feedback.

The focus group will help make sure the project delivers maximum benefit to patients and addresses the concerns of service users in the delivery of the research.

The focus group will be held in Oxford, in November, and will last up to 2.5 hours. Participant expenses will be refunded, and a payment will be offered for time of £30.

If you are an Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust patient, carer or service user, have an interest in mental health research, and would like to discuss how clinical data can contribute to mental health research, please get in touch!


Participant expenses will be refunded, and a payment will be offered for time of £30.

Date required

The focus group will take place in November 2019. We are inviting people to get in touch with us before the end of September.


Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre