Parents of preschool children needed to help us design a new study about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

Between 25-30 parents or carers of preschool children (aged under 5) who have had a recent respiratory tract infection (e.g. cough, ear infection or sore throat). Children need not have been prescribed an antibiotic.

We would value parents input in any of the following:

(1) Helping us design this study to ensure our research covers issues important to parents and their families,
(2) Take part in 2-3 (focus) group interviews,
(3) Developing ways of telling people about the research, and
(4) Advising us on how best to share our findings.


We will provide reimbursement for your time and travel up to maximum of £30.

Date required

From April 2019 until November 2019


Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences


Dr Oliver Van Hecke
01865 617 946


Clinical Trial Registration Details

Using evidence-based infographics to increase parents’ understanding about antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance: a proof-of-concept study (VICAR Study) Version 1.0 , 27 March 2019 CUREC reference number: R62414/RE001