PPI representatives for the Oxford Radcliffe Biobank Steering committee

The Oxford Radcliffe Biobank, one of the most active biobanks in terms of supporting research in cancer and other conditions at the University of Oxford, is looking for two PPI representatives to join the newly re-convened ORB Steering committee.

ORB coordinates the provision of human biospecimens and data to facilitate biomedical research with the ultimate aim of enabling the delivery of healthcare improvements in the long-term. ORB will act as a ‘safe haven’ for the collection and storage of biospecimens and data and as an ‘honest broker’ for the fair distribution of biospecimens and data for research.

This Steering committee will have a significant role in defining ORB’s vision and sustainability and providing oversight of compliance with the Human Tissue Act as well as the ethical approval it receives from the Research Ethics Committee.

The specific role of the PPI representatives is not set in stone, but would include providing a valuable external stand-point on matters including consent materials, consent processes, access policy for researchers requiring samples or data, and anything else they feel other members of the committee may not have fully considered.


We would reimburse any travel expenses incurred upon receipt of evidence of expenses.

Date required

We have scheduled our next meeting for 25th March 2019, 10.30 to 12, although it may not take that long. The meeting will take place at the John Radcliffe Hospital, in the academic centre. Further details will be provided to anyone who kindly agrees to join in. While we would be very happy to welcome anyone from PAIR on the 25th March, we realise this is very short notice and would welcome volunteers at our subsequent meeting: currently we have not decided whether the committee will meet three or four times a year, this will be one of the agenda items at the meeting of 25th March.This would be an ongoing process for the 5-year duration of the Research Ethics Committee renewal of approval, which is due for consideration at the end of March 2019.


Oxford Radcliffe Biobank, University of Oxford


For further details, please contact Stephanie.jones@nds.ox.ac.uk

Clinical Trial Registration Details

We have a website where further information about the Biobank can be found: orb.ndcls.ox.ac.uk