People needed to review a patient information sheet about fatty liver disease

Novo Nordisk Ltd is starting a study to investigate a new treatment for fatty liver disease (also known as NASH or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). The study will be conducted in hospitals across the UK and in other countries. We would like to find some patients or carers or relatives of patients with this condition who would like to review the patient information sheet that has been written for the study.

This is a 21-page document that describes what the study is about, what the treatment is and what we are asking of patients who volunteer for the study. You do not need to read any other documents.

We would like the document to be reviewed and provide comments for the following:

  • Overall is the document clear?
  • Are there any parts you do not understand?
  • Are there any words you do not understand?
  • Do you have any suggestions to make the document easier to understand?

The review can be undertaken by email.


Novo Nordisk Ltd
Clinical Medical and Regulatory Department


Please contact Dr Pam McDermott if you are able to help:

Clinical Trial Registration Details

The trial is registered with NHS NIHR Clinical Research Network No HEPA30725.

The study will be published online when approved by the ethics committees in all countries and by the health authorities.