Tell us what’s important about keeping patients involved in clinical trials

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If you have been directly involved in a trial as a participant or as a parent or carer of someone who participated, or you’ve been involved in designing or delivering the trial, we want to hear from you. In May this year we collected questions and comments about how people are encouraged to stay involved with clinical trials. This is to help us publish a list of the most important questions about encouraging participants to say involved in trials that future research should to answer. A survey at now lists all of the questions we heard about. We need you to choose the 10 questions that are most important to you.

When research happens in future, we want it to be research that makes a real difference to the lives of people who take part in trials and the success of the trials. Your help in choosing the most important things to research will help with this. To find out more and take part in the survey, please visit

Please mention it to any people you know who have participated in a trial so that they can take part too.

Date required

The survey closes on September 14th 2018


James Lind Alliance


To find out more, please visit