Participants age 30-50 needed for metabolism study

Study – The effect of short-term overconsumption of specific dietary nutrients on liver and adipose tissue metabolism

The purpose of this study is to provide an understanding of the effect that the overconsumption of specific dietary nutrients (e.g. sugars, fats) has on liver and adipose tissue metabolism and function. This will allow us to dissect out the importance of that nutrient on liver and adipose tissue health. This is of importance as there has been much controversy in recent years regarding the role of specific dietary components on human health. This study will ultimately provide information that will support decision–making about future dietary recommendations for health.

We are recruiting participants to the study aged 30-50 years old:

• Are in good health

• Not pregnant (or planning to become pregnant during the study period or breast feeding)

Study Duration

The study will last approximately six weeks and will include a screening visit, two MRI scan visits (assessment of liver and heart fat), two full study days and a dietary intervention period of approximately 21 days. You will be required to complete food diaries during the study period and follow a 7 day standardisation healthy eating diet prior to your first study day. We will provide the additional food that we which you to consume during the dietary intervention and you will meet with the study dietician.


We reimburse reasonable travel expenses.
You will be compensated for your time £100 Visit 1 Study day and MRI & £100 Visit 2 Study day and MRI.


University of Oxford
Clinical Research Unit, OCDEM, Churchill Hospital, Oxford


Louise Dennis, Clinical Research Nurse
01865 857203

or Rachel Craven-Todd
01865 857331