New Brain Health Centre – Involvement Opportunities

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The Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) is launching a new Brain Health Centre to offer patients access to better quality diagnosis and treatment after they have been referred by their doctor for concerns about their memory.

The centre will provide a link between leading University research into diagnosis and treatment of memory problems and other difficulties with thinking, and the introduction of this research in the NHS. Patients will also be given improved opportunities to take part in research and trials.

We have two involvement opportunities for people with experience of mental health and/or memory problems – as a patient or a carer – to work with us as we set up the centre.

Patient / Carer Representative on Working Group

The Working Group has the oversight of the setting up of the Brain Health Centre. It will bring together key staff at Oxford University and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, and patient / carer representatives. It will meet on a bi-monthly basis, and report to the BRC Steering Committee.

The Patient / Carer Representative will play an important role in making sure the patient and carer experience is central to the development of the centre. Representatives will be asked to attend 6 meetings, plus attend a focus group, centre launch and review meeting.

We are looking for people with experience of mental health and/or memory problems as a patient or a carer, who live in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire, and who can contribute to the strategic direction of the centre. Reimbursement for expenses and time will be offered.

Members of Feedback Group

The Brain Health Centre Feedback Group will focus on the information and communication processes and requirements for the centre, and mapping the patient and carer journey through the centre.

Members of the group will input into how the Brain Health Centre is set up, and feedback into the processes, documentation and information that are to be provided for patients and carers.

The group will have an initial meeting, and will then be asked to review documents and information remotely. We would anticipate the Feedback Group will be made up of 8 people.

For further information including full role descriptions visit the BRC website:


Expenses and reimbursement for time will be provided.

Date required

We encourage people who are interested in either of these roles to contact us as soon as possible. The deadline for expressions of interest is 17 July 2018.


Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre


If you would like more information, please contact: