MRI scans for monitoring autoimmune hepatitis – input required to guide study set-up

We are planning a study to determine whether MRI scans of the liver benefit patients with Autoimmune hepatitis. Patients with autoimmune hepatitis are treated with steroids and immunosuppressants and need to be monitored closely to ensure they are receiving the correct levels of medication. Monitoring currently consists of blood tests and liver biopsies however there are some problems with these methods. Blood tests are sometimes not sensitive enough to detect low levels of ongoing inflammation and biopsies are invasive, risky and only sample a tiny area of liver tissue. This study will test whether MRI scans of the liver can provide doctors with information that enables them to monitor their patients with greater accuracy.

We would like to hear from patients living with Autoimmune hepatitis or their carers. We would also welcome input from patients who have other liver conditions.

We would like feedback on the study design and the study documents (such as, the participant information sheet and informed consent form).


Travel expenses will be reimbursed

Date required

We would like to hold a focus group in Oxford within the next 2 months. However, for anyone who is unable to get to Oxford we may also need people who are happy to receive study materials via email and review them remotely.


Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd, 23-38 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford, OX1 2ET


Please contact: Hayley Simpson
Tel: 01865 655343