Maternity and new-born monitoring

The Critical Care Research Group works closely with the Department of Engineering on a number of patient monitoring projects which are designed to improve the way that health problems can be recognised early.

Current projects include:

* monitoring the vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate etc) of mums-to-be during their pregnancy and in the first few weeks after their baby is born
* monitoring of premature babies using a camera to pick up their vital signs (heart rate, breathing rate, the amount of oxygen in their blood etc)

We are keen to involve both Mums and Dads in these projects and would be delighted to hear from you if you experienced problems during your pregnancy, or if your baby spent some time in a specialist baby care unit.

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Kadoorie Centre for Critical Care Research & Education, John Radcliffe Hospital


For more information about the projects please contact Julie Darbyshire by email on or through the Kadoorie Centre by telephoning 01865 223103.