Looking for patient representatives to support blood transfusion research

We are seeking patient representatives for our clinical research group in Oxford: Systematic Review Initiative, NHS Blood and Transplant.

We are looking to add a patient’s voice to our research and would be interested to hear from anyone who has received a blood transfusion or been involved in the decision making to administer a blood transfusion to a patient.

The Systematic Review Initiative, based within the John Radcliffe Hospital, has been in existence for 12 years and have a remit to undertake systematic reviews to improve the evidence base for transfusion medicine. A systematic review is a structured clinical research tool that aims to review primary clinical data in a transparent and objective way. Systematic reviews are widely used in clinical practice and research, for example as a decision tool in research agenda setting, by guideline writers and policy developers e.g. NICE to provide the evidence from which to create practice guidelines and at a service level when looking for evidence to support clinical decision making. Full details of the work that we do and our group can be accessed at www.systematicreviewinitiative.com.

Involving patient representatives in our work is something that we feel is very important: we are however open to ideas about how best to do this. Options include membership of our steering group, helping to decide the focus of our work and providing a patient’s viewpoint of the evidence that we identify in the systematic reviews that we do. We would be open to suggestions as to how to make any such collaboration work. Our steering group meets annually and we are in email contact with the members throughout the year. We take on a number of new systematic review projects each year and assess the relevance and resource required for each proposed project on a quarterly basis. This decision process would benefit from a patient’s viewpoint as to would our completed manuscripts: all of which are submitted to a journal for (hopeful) publication.


We can reimburse expenses in line with NHS expense reimbursement criteria.

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Systematic Review Initiative
NHS Blood and Transplant (Oxford)


Susan Brunskill
email: susan.brunskill@nhsbt.nhs.uk
phone: 01865 387706