Have you been depressed and suicidal in the past? Are you now feeling better?

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The Mindlock project is conducted at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre by Dr Bergljot Gjelsvik and Dr Catherine Crane in collaboration with Professor Keith Hawton at the Centre for Suicide Research, both within the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. We are currently recruiting for a range of studies including experiments, interviews and brain imaging. We recruit people who have a history of depression and/or suicidality and who are currently well.

Should you be eligible, you are welcome to take part in several of our studies, if you meet our inclusion criteria. Please find the inclusion criteria information below.

If you:

 have been depressed more than three times in the past
 have been suicidal in the past
 are between 18-70 years old
 are fluent in English
 live within travelling distance of Oxford
 AND are now feeling better

then you may be eligible to take part.

In the experimental and interview studies the first interview will take about 1 ½ hours to complete and you will be reimbursed for your time. If you are interested in taking part you can self-screen here  or to receive the screening link direct to your mobile phone please text ‘Oxford mindlock’ to 81025. For any additional information regarding these studies please feel free to contact the team on mindlock@psych.ox.ac.uk or call us on 01865 613 143

For the brain imaging study, this consists of two visits: an interview (about 1 ½ hours), and a brain imaging task (about 2-3 hours). Your time will be reimbursed with £25 plus potential travel expenses.

Recruitment for the brain imaging study will commence in January 2017. If you are interested in taking part in the brain image study please contact the team at mindlock@psych.ox.ac.uk or call us on 01865 613 143 for further information.


A study will reimburse you with £25 plus we will help compensate for your travel expenses (up to £5 per assessment)

Date required



Department of Psychiatry, Oxford Mindfulness Centre


Email: mindlock@psych.ox.ac.uk
Tel: 01865 613 143