Advances in medicine focus group participants needed – £25 voucher

We would like you/your group to take part in a focus group discussion about recent advances in medicine, in particular the development of personalised medicine and tailoring treatments to the individual patient.

New types of technology, such as whole genome sequencing, means that all of our genetic information can now be read very quickly and we can now find out if we are susceptible to certain diseases, e.g. common cancers. In the future, this information may lead to personalised treatments based on our individual biology.

We want to hear what a wide range of people think about this, and also how they feel about our genetic data being stored by the government and shared with researchers or companies.

You do NOT need any prior knowledge of medicine or genetics to take part!

We will be hosting groups in Oxford and London, and they will last no more than 90 minutes.


You will be compensated for your time with a £25 high street shopping voucher, and can claim travel expenses.

Date required



London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Policy innovation Research Unit (PIRU)


Email Elizabeth Holdsworth at