Will I be paid for involvement and have my expenses reimbursed?

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We would like to be able to pay everyone who gets involved as a partner in medical research, and we are working with others to help make this a reality. However, there are complex issues to take into account such as whether payment might cause problems for people who get state benefits or a pension. In part for this reason, different organisations whose work is promoted on this site currently have different policies about paying for involvement, so it is always worth asking about this at the beginning of any work you do with them. If you want to ask us a question about payment for involvement, then please do so, by contacting us.

You should never be out of pocket as a result of involvement and all expenses such as travel, phone, accommodation – and usually the costs of arranging care for children or other family dependents – should be covered. The researchers that you work with should make the arrangements clear. If they don’t, please ask them at the start of any involvement work that you do.