Do you have Myasthenia Gravis or Auto Immune Encephalopathy, or have you got experience caring for a relative with either of these conditions?

We are looking for one or two people to work with us to develop information for patients who will take part in a small research study to find out the effects of plasma exchange in the immune system, in addition to improving your symptoms.

An autoimmune disease develops when your immune system, which defends your body against disease, decides your healthy cells are foreign. As a result, your immune system produces antibodies that circulate in the blood and attack healthy cells in certain organs. Two such conditions are Myasthenia Gravis and Autoimmune Encephalopathy.

In Myasthenia Gravis (MG), the antibodies attack and damage the communication system between the nerves and muscles, causing muscles to become weak and tired.

In Autoimmune Encephalopathy (AIE) antibodies attack brain tissue, causing reduction in the consciousness level, poor memory, slow thought processes, seizures or abnormal movements. 

Plasma exchange, also known as apheresis, is the process of separating plasma (where antibodies are) from the rest of your blood, removing it and replacing it, using a machine. Plasma exchange reduces the antibodies that attack healthy cells, and improves symptoms in autoimmune conditions, but it is not a cure.

We are based at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, and would be happy to meet with you in person if you are able to come to us, or to discuss what is needed over the ‘phone and by e-mail, if you use it.

If you would like to offer us your opinion, we expect that we would need 2-3 hours of your time over a 2 week period. Your involvement with this work might lead to further involvement with this – or other – studies, if you would be interested.

We would like to hear from you if you have Myasthenia Gravis or Auto Immune Encephalopathy, or have experience caring for a relative with either of these conditions.


We offer to reimburse travel expenses, for which you would need to give us your receipts.

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Radcliffe Department of Medicine
Experimental Therapeutics
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Rhea Zambellas
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