Do you have an inattentive and impulsive brain?

Patients with memory problems can have difficulties paying attention or making decisions. Within Oxford, we want to find out more about the reasons why people have these problems, so that treatments might eventually be developed for them.

We hope that this research will lead to better care for patients with memory difficulties.

Participants will be asked to look at objects presented on a screen and remember which object was where. After a short delay, we’ll ask you to show us where you remembered an object was located.

In a different test we will ask you to respond to an object on the screen either by squeezing a device that measures force or by making an eye movement. We may check exactly where you’re looking using a small video-camera which records only eye movement, not any part of your face.

We will also ask you to fill in some questionnaires and perform some pen-and-paper tests of attention, language, spatial and memory abilities. You can take rests at any time. The total length of these tests will be about 2 hours.

We may also ask whether you would be interested to have an MRI (magnetic resonance brain) scan.

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