Do you feel sad? A research study investigating the effect of depression on learning

We are looking for people with symptoms of depression to take part in a study investigating how low mood and depression are linked to how we learn from the events we experience. The study involves completing simple computer based tasks and questionnaires. During the study samples of saliva (spit) are collected in order to measure levels of the hormone cortisol.


The participants will be paid £100 for completing the study. Additionally, it is possible to earn up to £45 in the learning games which is a core component of the research. All reasonable travel expenses (eg. bus, parking and train tickets) will be reimbursed as well.

Date required

The study is currently running and it would be running until at least December 2018.


University of Oxford / Department of Psychiatry


For information in confidence, with no obligation to participate, please contact:

Dr Erdem Pulcu: 07824 541 444. e-mail:

Clinical Trial Registration Details

The study is registered with the NIH ( and the details are available from the link below