Cochrane Collaboration: Could you help us to make our reviews more relevant?

Improving professional practice and the delivery of healthcare services

The Cochrane Collaboration ( is an international not-for-profit organisation. Its main goal is to develop and maintain literature reviews of healthcare interventions, which are published in the Cochrane Library ( Cochrane reviews start by asking one or more questions about healthcare (e.g., do longer appointments benefit the patients, doctors, and the way we deliver healthcare?), summarising all the available evidence and helping people to make well-informed decisions about their healthcare.

We are the Oxford satellite of the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group. The focus of our group is to review interventions of how healthcare professionals can best provide healthcare and how services are best organised and delivered, (e.g., are care home residents prescribed the right medicines at the right doses?).

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people with an interest in healthcare services to provide feedback on the reviews that are produced by our Cochrane group.

What would you be asked to do?

We would ask you to comment on the relevance of the questions being asked by the review, including whether all the important outcomes had been included. We would also ask you to tell us what you thought about the language employed by the authors, making sure our reviews are accessible and easy to read, thus reaching a wider audience.

You don’t need to be a specialist on the topic or even have experience with reviews, and we would provide guidance and support on how to comment on the review.

You would be able to participate whenever suited you, commenting on the review either by email or by post. We could also meet with you in person or talk over the phone, in case you would like more information.

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Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group,
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