Participants in good health wanted for typhoid vaccine study

You are invited to take part in a study to investigate typhoid fever and how the typhoid bacteria causes disease. The study, investigating typhoid fever pathogenesis (TYGER) - is being run by the Oxford Vaccine Group which is part of the University of Oxford. If you are 18 to 60 yrs old, in good … [Read more...]

Advances in medicine focus group participants needed – £25 voucher

We would like you/your group to take part in a focus group discussion about recent advances in medicine, in particular the development of personalised medicine and tailoring treatments to the individual patient. New types of technology, such as whole genome sequencing, means that all of our … [Read more...]

Healthy toddlers and adults needed for flu vaccine study

ADITEC Flu2: Understanding the genetic basis for immune responses to flu vaccines in children and adults The Oxford Vaccine Group is currently looking to enrol healthy Caucasian children aged 13 to 24 months, and adults aged 18 to 65 years, to participate in a study of how the immune system … [Read more...]

Participants needed for study of a new vaccine against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

The Oxford Vaccine Group, part of the University of Oxford, are inviting you to take part in a study of a new vaccine against Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV. This virus can cause respiratory infections such as bronchiolitis and pneumonia. RSV affects all ages, but is especially dangerous for … [Read more...]

Would you like to volunteer to help develop new vaccines against Ebola?

We are looking for people who are 18-65 years old and in good health who are willing to help develop new vaccines against Ebola. The total study participation time is 1 year. If you would like to find out more information and see if you are you eligible, please go to … [Read more...]

Help us find the evidence: become an Embase screener

The EMBASE project provides an opportunity for new and potential contributors to get involved with Cochrane work by diving into a task that needs doing. No prior experience is necessary as the task supports a ‘learn as you do’ approach. The project's purpose is to identify reports of randomised … [Read more...]

Healthy volunteers needed for clinical vaccine trials

The Jenner Institute is looking for healthy volunteers to participate in clinical vaccine trials, for which we provide compensation. … [Read more...]

Getting involved in vaccine research

We are looking for members of the public with an interest in vaccine research who can help us to: - improve information materials for participants in our studies - improve our websites - consider how we could recruit more effectively for our studies - design better research studies You do not … [Read more...]