Other Opportunities

Workshop for carers and patients over 60 who have broken bones

We are looking for patients who are over 60 years of age who have suffered a break in a lower limb bone to attend our final workshop. This is where the final list of the Top 10 priorities will be decided. We are also looking for carers or family members who look after the above patients to attend … [Read more...]

Seeking people with high blood pressure in Oxfordshire to help inform development of an app

We are planning a study which aims to help people who have high blood pressure to lower their blood pressure by reducing the amount of salt they eat. In the study we plan to give people a 20-minute appointment with a practice nurse and ask them to use a smartphone app, which together may help them … [Read more...]

TICSI Clinical Trial – are you a healthy male aged between 18 and 60?

We are running a clinical study to trial a new medication to block the unwanted side effects of steroid medication. If you are a healthy man aged between 18-60 and interested in taking part, please contact Dr Nantia Othonos (please see below). … [Read more...]

Healthy non-smoking men (18-40) needed for an MRI study to assess how stress influences the brain

We are looking for non-smoking men, aged between 18 and 40 years, who do not have any current health or psychiatric problems, to participate in a psychological study. With this study we like to assess how a gene and a drug interact to affect mental performance and brain activity. More information … [Read more...]

Seeking patients over 60 who have broken a lower limb or pelvis

Broken Bones in Older People Survey Musculoskeletal Injury: Fragility fracture of the lower limb and pelvis We need patients who are over 60 years of age and who have suffered a broken bone anywhere from the pelvis to the foot (lower limb) to complete an online prioritisation survey. We are also … [Read more...]

External members wanted for Oxford Brookes University Research Ethics Committee

Oxford Brookes University Research Ethics Committee is seeking up to two external members from within the Oxfordshire area. The Committee maintains a diverse membership made up of academics and researchers, lay people and individuals with relevant expertise so a wide variety of research may be … [Read more...]

Help set research priorities in Adult Social Work in England

If you have been in contact with social workers in England, this survey asks you to add your comments and questions about your experience, to help decide what future research around Adult Social Work needs to happen. We are asking social workers themselves to contribute to the survey too. Please … [Read more...]

Volunteer Ambassadors wanted for The Waiting Room Project

We aim to inform people in clinical waiting rooms about medical research, specifically biobanking. Using iPads we’ll provide people with information about biobanking policies and survey them in order to increase awareness and the potential for future participation. We need Ambassadors to help … [Read more...]

Feedback from patients and carers sought for online patient advisory panel

We are launching an Online Patient Advisory Panel here in the Oxford Kidney and Transplant Team. We would like feedback from our patients and their carers on what they think about our information leaflets and the research that we are planning. We have an online form that we would like our … [Read more...]

Advances in medicine focus group participants needed – £25 voucher

We would like you/your group to take part in a focus group discussion about recent advances in medicine, in particular the development of personalised medicine and tailoring treatments to the individual patient. New types of technology, such as whole genome sequencing, means that all of our … [Read more...]

Have you or a family member recently recovered from any traumatic injuries? Would you like to get involved with trauma research?

We are looking to set up a Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group for people to get involved in musculoskeletal trauma research (for example, broken limbs/hip replacements etc). This may be commenting on various trial documents or getting involved with trial meetings. We are also planning to … [Read more...]

OxAAA survey – please tell us what you think is important

The OxAAA research team is seeking to learn more about their patients' understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). We would like to learn what respondents consider to be important research questions. We hope to compare these to the understanding of the clinical … [Read more...]

Register for the Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort – UK

The Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort-UK aims to find out about the lives of adults on the Autism Spectrum and their relatives, and how people’s lives change over time. The researchers hope the research findings will lead to some improvements in support services for adults with Autism and their … [Read more...]

Reading Networks in the Developing Brain

We are investigating the reading networks in the brain of typical readers and of poor readers. We do so using non-invasive brain imaging methods such as MRI and a set of standardized neuropsychological assessment. We hope to find not only which regions in the brain are different in poor readers, … [Read more...]

Seeking people with Parkinson’s and their family members to help researchers identify genetic traits

Imperial College London is a clinical site for the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI), a large-scale study exclusively focused on identifying and validating Parkinson’s disease biomarkers. Following the successful completion of recruitment for the original study and launch of a … [Read more...]

CAPTURE 24 – A health and time use study using innovative devices

• We are looking for volunteers (18 years and older) who live in Oxfordshire to explore how people spend their time, both indoors and out • The study involves wearing new innovative sensing devices for a single day including a wearable camera (on lanyard) and activity watch (accelerometer) • … [Read more...]

Cochrane Collaboration: Could you help us to make our reviews more relevant?

Improving professional practice and the delivery of healthcare services The Cochrane Collaboration (www.cochrane.org) is an international not-for-profit organisation. Its main goal is to develop and maintain literature reviews of healthcare interventions, which are published in the Cochrane Library … [Read more...]

Get involved in research in the field of Transplantation

Organ transplantation saves the lives of thousands of patients every year and is now recognised as the treatment of choice for end stage organ failure. Despite the increasing awareness of the importance of organ transplantation both amongst the medical community and the general public, a gulf … [Read more...]

Surgical Patients Research User Group

We would like to hear from patients who have an interest in surgical research. This includes a broad range of areas including: orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, general surgery, neuro surgery. Our user group is open to patients, carers and people with a general interest in this … [Read more...]

Online survey: Do you have experience of providing support from a distance?

Who can participate? People who have current or past experience of providing care from a distance to a family member who is/was near the end of life. What are you being asked to do? You are invited to fill in an online questionnaire (20 minutes) for a PhD at Oxford Brookes University. If you … [Read more...]