Mental Health

Clinical research study for depression

Diagnosed with depression? Medications haven’t helped completely? You may be eligible for a clinical research study that will help evaluate the effectiveness and safety of an investigational medication for people with depression who have not responded well to medications before. The … [Read more...]

Have you been depressed and suicidal in the past? Are you now feeling better?

The Mindlock project is conducted at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre by Dr Bergljot Gjelsvik and Dr Catherine Crane in collaboration with Professor Keith Hawton at the Centre for Suicide Research, both within the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. We are currently recruiting for a … [Read more...]

Advances in medicine focus group participants needed – £25 voucher

We would like you/your group to take part in a focus group discussion about recent advances in medicine, in particular the development of personalised medicine and tailoring treatments to the individual patient. New types of technology, such as whole genome sequencing, means that all of our … [Read more...]

Happy Start, Healthy Start: Is your child’s behaviour sometimes a challenge?

Children’s behaviour can sometimes be difficult to manage. The Healthy Start, Happy Start team at Imperial College London are inviting parents to take part in an exciting new research study about a programme that supports parents/caregivers in responding to and managing their child’s … [Read more...]

Sufferers of depression and healthy volunteers needed for a study investigating inflammation

• Are you aged 25 to 50? • Are you generally healthy and able to give blood? • We are looking for people who have depression, and also people who do not have depression as a comparison group. There is growing evidence that inflammation is often associated with and can cause depression. We would … [Read more...]

Have you suffered from depression in the past, but are well now?

We are looking for people who have had at least two separate episodes of depression in the past, are now well and have been off any antidepressant medication for 6 months. You would need to be between 18 and 60 years of age and in good physical health. The research is helping us to understand the … [Read more...]

Reading Networks in the Developing Brain

We are investigating the reading networks in the brain of typical readers and of poor readers. We do so using non-invasive brain imaging methods such as MRI and a set of standardized neuropsychological assessment. We hope to find not only which regions in the brain are different in poor readers, … [Read more...]

Help us find the evidence: become an Embase screener

The EMBASE project provides an opportunity for new and potential contributors to get involved with Cochrane work by diving into a task that needs doing. No prior experience is necessary as the task supports a ‘learn as you do’ approach. The project's purpose is to identify reports of randomised … [Read more...]

Sufferers of clinical depression needed for new brain imaging study

We are looking for people aged 18-70 who are currently suffering from clinical depression. Clinical depression is a common condition. There are effective treatments available but these do not suit everybody and new approaches are needed. Not much is currently known about the chemical changes in … [Read more...]

Neurochemistry of Depression

We are seeking people with clinical depression, both with a clinical diagnosis of depression and people who have not been diagnosed but who think they might be suffering from the condition. … [Read more...]