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Our site promotes partnerships between patients, carers, other members of the public, and medical researchers. It has been developed with patients and aims to ensure that medical research focuses on what really matters to those affected by ill health and is carried out in ways that encourage them to take part. Opportunities to take part in medical research studies are also promoted through the site.

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Are you a medical researcher seeking partnerships with patients and members of the public?

Latest Opportunities

Help guide researchers in finding new ways to monitor recovery of mobility in people who have had a hip fracture

Have you, or someone you have cared for, had a fracture of the hip? If so then we would like your help in shaping our research project. Background Regaining and … Learn more

External members for Oxford Brookes University Research Ethics Committee

Oxford Brookes University Research Ethics Committee is seeking two external members from within the Oxfordshire area. The Committee maintains a diverse membership made up … Learn more

MRI scans for monitoring autoimmune hepatitis – input required to guide study set-up

We are planning a study to determine whether MRI scans of the liver benefit patients with Autoimmune hepatitis. Patients with autoimmune hepatitis are treated with … Learn more

Healthy volunteers aged 18-45 wanted for study into how the brain handles decision-making

Researchers at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford are seeking volunteers for a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) study. The purpose … Learn more

Losartan and Emotional Processing and Memory: Healthy Volunteers Needed

Worrying a lot? Interested in taking part in a research study? We are looking for healthy, right-handed volunteers, who are aged 18-50 years and fluent in English, to … Learn more

MERS001 MERS-CoV Vaccine Trial (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus)

We are looking for healthy volunteers to take part in a trial testing a new vaccine (ChAdOx1 MERS) against the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), … Learn more

TB041 Tuberculosis Vaccine Trial

We are looking for volunteers in the Oxford area for a BCG challenge trial in healthy adults to help develop TB vaccines. If you are aged 18-50, in good health, have … Learn more

Do you feel low in mood despite antidepressants? Research study on emotional processing

We are looking for people who are experiencing persistent low mood despite taking antidepressants, to take part in a study investigating how a new medication affects … Learn more