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Our site promotes partnerships between patients, carers, other members of the public, and medical researchers. It has been developed with patients and aims to ensure that medical research focuses on what really matters to those affected by ill health and is carried out in ways that encourage them to take part. Opportunities to take part in medical research studies are also promoted through the site.

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Latest Opportunities

Workshop for carers and patients over 60 who have broken bones

We are looking for patients who are over 60 years of age who have suffered a break in a lower limb bone to attend our final workshop. This is where the final list of the … Learn more

Seeking people with high blood pressure in Oxfordshire to help inform development of an app

We are planning a study which aims to help people who have high blood pressure to lower their blood pressure by reducing the amount of salt they eat. In the study we plan … Learn more

Seeking patients and carers to help shape the future of the Cancer Care Pathway

We are looking for 3-4 participants who have experience of receiving treatment and care for cancer, or their carers, to be able to share this with researchers in a cancer … Learn more

Seeking patients age 65+ with atrial fibrillation and BMI over 27, plus their relatives and care-givers, for a focus group

We are a group of researchers specialized in cardiovascular medicine, and in particular in atrial fibrillation (nhs.uk/conditions/atrial-fibrillation) which is a heart … Learn more

TICSI Clinical Trial – are you a healthy male aged between 18 and 60?

We are running a clinical study to trial a new medication to block the unwanted side effects of steroid medication. If you are a healthy man aged between 18-60 and … Learn more

How women with and without eating disorders perceive bodies

I’m looking for female participants aged 16 – 45 years old, who have a current diagnosis of an eating disorder to take part in a study of how women perceive … Learn more

Input needed on the design of smartphone ‘apps’ targeting memory and thinking

The development of effective treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease may depend on our ability to detect individuals in the very earliest stages of the disease. Smartphones … Learn more

Healthy non-smoking men (18-40) needed for an MRI study to assess how stress influences the brain

We are looking for non-smoking men, aged between 18 and 40 years, who do not have any current health or psychiatric problems, to participate in a psychological study. … Learn more