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Our site promotes partnerships between patients, carers, other members of the public, and medical researchers. It has been developed with patients and aims to ensure that medical research focuses on what really matters to those affected by ill health and is carried out in ways that encourage them to take part. Opportunities to take part in medical research studies are also promoted through the site.

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Are you a medical researcher seeking partnerships with patients and members of the public?

Latest Opportunities

Preventing dementia – join our focus group for a new research project

Are you interested in dementia research? Do you have experience of caring for or supporting someone with dementia? Do you want to share your views and experience to … Learn more

Help us improve how research interacts with electronic health records

We are looking for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust service users to join our focus group! About the research: The anonymous use of health records for mental health … Learn more

Post-menopausal women sought for the HOPE-e research study

Do you have finger joint pain caused by hand osteoarthritis? Are you a woman aged 40-65 and between 1 and 10 years after your menopause? Would you be interested in … Learn more

Participants age 30-50 needed for metabolism study

Study - The effect of short-term overconsumption of specific dietary nutrients on liver and adipose tissue metabolism The purpose of this study is to provide an … Learn more

Seeking patient co-applicant for a study preventing skin cancer using nicotinamide (vitamin B6) in organ transplant recipients

We are a team designing a trial which will evaluate the use of nicotinamide (vitamin B6) to prevent the development of skin cancers in organ transplant recipients. If you … Learn more

Treatment resistant depression research: new patient advisory group

• Do you have experience of treatment resistant depression either as a patient or a carer? • Are you interested in medical research? • Would you like to share your … Learn more

People with experience of frozen shoulder needed to advise on new research study

People who have had, or currently have, frozen shoulder, and who are willing to share their experience of the condition with researchers either by telephone or at a … Learn more

Healthy Weight Management in People with Atrial Fibrillation

Hello, I am designing a study looking at ways in which people who have atrial fibrillation (AF) manage their weight, and how we can improve services to support them. I am … Learn more