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Our site promotes partnerships between patients, carers, other members of the public, and medical researchers. It has been developed with patients and aims to ensure that medical research focuses on what really matters to those affected by ill health and is carried out in ways that encourage them to take part. Opportunities to take part in medical research studies are also promoted through the site.

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Are you a medical researcher seeking partnerships with patients and members of the public?

Latest Opportunities

Patient discussion group, involving people with osteoarthritis of base of thumb and experience in wearing hand splints

We are looking for patients with osteoarthritis of the base of thumb, who have had experience using hand splints. There will be a discussion group session on Wednesday … Learn more

SOLARIO – bone and joint infection trial design

Thank you for your interest. We are hoping to involve one or two interested people, ideally with experience of bone or joint infection, including diabetic foot, … Learn more

People needed to review study documents relating to MRI scan in biliary diseases

We are trying to determine if non-invasive MRI techniques can be used for the assessment and monitoring of patients with biliary diseases including primary sclerosing … Learn more

People with Alzheimer’s Disease needed for feedback on the design of a mobile task measuring day-to-day variation in thinking

Our understanding of how thinking changes in individuals with Alzheimer's disease is currently limited to the short, pen-and-paper tasks routinely administered by … Learn more

Research study recruiting – The Role of Nicotinamide in Mitochondrial Biogenesis

We are recruiting patients with the following profile: • 18-70 years, male or female • Mitochondrial disease caused by a single mitochondrial DNA mutation, as well as … Learn more

Would you like to cut down your smoking, but not quit?

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study investigating whether simple support from a health trainer can help people who do not want to quit in the next four … Learn more

Member of the public with professional experience of research in school aged children required for research ethics review committee

Oxford Brookes University Research Ethics Committee is seeking an external member from the public with professional experience of research in school aged children to join … Learn more

Supporting people with pressure injury living at home

The project team working on improving care for people with pressure injury (pressure ulcer, bedsore) living at home is seeking people with pressure injury and their … Learn more